Ranger, guide to the Mushfens, adventurer


Myke (Mykael Vika) was raised within the Mushfens by the Vika family, a family of hunters, skinners, scavengers and traders. The youngest of five children, his life was always a hard one, put upon by his siblings, treated as a skivvy by his parents and the recipient of numerous whippings and beatings (his back scarred permanently by the severity of the flogging) for any defiance or perceived mistakes.
The one upside of his abusive upbringing was his training as a hunter, his father, Iorgu, was amazingly skilled at finding tracks, setting traps in the best locations, picking off small animals for food at a ridiculous range with his bow. A lot of these skills were picked up by Myke, despite him deferring to eldest brother, Sandu, with regards opportunities to learn, and his time spent hunting with Iorgu was probably the only time he ever felt comfortable or part of the family.
Shortly after coming of age, Myke confronted Ruxandra, his mother, and the real head of the famiy, as to why he was the one always given the menial and hard labour, the only one to receive beatings and the only one to have no freedom. Myke knew that even asking these questions would result in a beating but never expected what followed, first a massive row ensued where Ruxandra let slip ‘sometimes I wish we’d never stolen you’, followed by the worst flogging he’d ever received, and finally being bound and forcibly made to have sex with his sister, Mirella.
Myke spent three weeks bound, fed subsistence level food, before being released, but from that point on he was always under the close eye of one of his siblings. He was more of a drudge than ever before and he spent a year living this miserable existence, but never without keeping one eye out for a means of possible escape. The opportunity presented itself at a time when Iorgu had fallen ill of a bug. Knowing it was pointless to flee when a master hunter could track him and bring him back to the fold with ease he had waited for Iorgu to be away, but this opportunity was too good to pass up. Whilst chopping wood under the supervision of Decebal, the strongest, but slowest and dumbest of his siblings, Myke created a brief distraction allowing himself to club Decebal with a log around the head and make his escape. He was a weeks escaping the Mushfens, tracked relentless by Sandu, who he eventually led to his death by laying false tracks straight into a tribe of boggard’s.
Escape from the fens meant arrival in Magnimar, where he arrived penniless, ragged and filthy. Spending a short time begging, Myke got himself back on his feet after rolling a drunk for his coin purse. He got cleaned up, bought gear and weaponry and managed to find a little work acting as a guide to the fens, though made sure that no job brought him too close to the Vika’s. He had, by this point, stopped going by the name Mykael VIka, he was just Myke.
After finding one of Iorgu’s traps whilst on a gig, Myke realised that regular trips to the fens would eventually bring him in contact once more with his past. Not wanting this to occur, Myke has applied for a job working for the Pathfinder Society.

Myke stands 6 feet tall and weighs a fraction under 15 stone. HIs hair is raven black, he’s brown eyed with a well tanned complexion. Apart from his height, his appearance would be described as entirely average, his features are weathered for someone so young and he customarily is unshaven, though he shaves it back before it ever reaches beard status.
HIs back is heavily scarred and he is loathe to be seen topless in front of others because of this and the questions it raises. He also has a scar running down the left of his neck (knife wound). His clothes would be described as functional, dark greens, browns and his leather armour tends to be worn permanently, though he does clean it fastidiously on retiring for the night

Myke is slow to trust folk. He needs to see a goodness in someone before he can give back, but once he does he is loyal. With this being a trait he has struggled to find friends within the city, outside of the church and a couple of adventurers (Dana and Vladimir Ionesca) who he has acted as guide for.
He is very calm and takes a lot of provoking before stirring to action in a confrontational situation, though is willing to do what is necessary to win a fight regardless.
He has little interest in members of the opposite sex possibly due to the relationship with his ‘mother’ and ‘sister’ who’s dominant nature would put you off for life.
He is not materialistic, with Myke, it’s all about survival, and he doesn’t like to see people in unfortunate situations going out of his way to help those impoverished or whose life is more unfortunate than the one he lives now.


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